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I’m so exhausted o: that just took the place of best edm event I’ve ever been to. Figure live? I essentially creamed myself d: He really is my favorite producer in the entire edm genre; I can’t wait until he drops the new tracks he played tonight!! Plus Infected Mushroom (the unveiling was amazing!), Andy C, Nicky Romero, Downlink, Krewella, and Dj Icey!! Sky and I got a picture with the girls from Krewella, I’m pretty excited about it d: People seemed to enjoy my Figure-Monsers of Drumstep shirt, I feel like I got a ridiculous amout of pictures taken of me compared to usual because of it. So you can expect Audio Circus dash spam as soon as pictures get uploaded. Night tumblr! I’m off to watch Inland Empire again(:

  1. postalpolaroid said: Infected Mushroom was sick. Holy shit.
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